About CS&CT

Hey! So nice of you to check us out. I hope you decide to stay a while. Think of this blog as your virtual coffee shop. Not just any old coffee shop. And especially not a Starbucks or a Dunkin’ Donuts. More like, one of those super rad, super cool, “nook and cranny” type coffee shops that you accidentally wander in as you are exploring your favorite city. You know what I’m talkin’ about right? Those are the best kinds of places to find, because they bring such a diverse crowd, and I can guarantee you that if you take a moment to get to know the person sipping that cup o’ joe next to you, you’ll make a new friend. Think of me as your new friend.

As your friend, I will love on you, I promise. I’ll provide you with exciting content that will keep your attention, and I’ll even show you some of the coolest little shops all over the East Coast, and maybe, the West Coast, too 😉 And lastly, but most importantly, I will challenge you. Not in the argumentative way, but in the I know you can expand your mind and create infinite possibilities way.

So, GO! Read! Enjoy! And sip that delicious cup of coffee as you inhale your daily cup of courage and inspiration.

Much Love,


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