A Day in My Life: Red Ants, Truth Bombs, and Coffee

“You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can always choose how you feel about it.” -Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map

That quote above is what I call a truth bomb. Now, of course, the term “truth bomb” isn’t what we would call a legitimate term, in other words, you can’t look this phrase up in the Oxford Dictionary. (Although, side note, you can look up the word “selfie”, crazy world we live in today, isn’t it?) But, despite the fact that you won’t find this phrase in a legitimate dictionary, I still want to give you an accurate definition of what exactly a “truth bomb” is, so without hesitation, I consulted Urban Dictionary, because despite some of the more ridiculous answers, I knew I’d be able to find at least one good definition of the phrase:

Truth Bomb (n): A fact, or a piece of knowledge, that when told to the listener, is devastating to the listener’s argument or world view.

I personally believe this is a phenomenal definition, and if you beg to differ, please comment below on what you believe is a better definition, seriously, do it, I won’t be offended. But anyways, let’s go on with the show here….

As I mentioned above, this quote is a total truth BOMB, and I want to encourage you all to take some time to let this quote digest because it’s often hard for us humans to accept responsibility for our feelings.

For instance, let’s look at the events that took place this morning: I woke up, absolutely exhausted, and contemplating whether or not to skip my 8:15 AM yoga session. I pressed the snooze alarm up until the absolute last minute, and then I thought to myself, Shelby, stop being such a little “b” and get UP! You love yoga, you preach yoga, just get your *** to yoga! So, I got up and began to rush through my morning routine. As I stepped into my bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, I felt a little sting on my foot, I immediately jumped, screamed, and looked down to see my feet and the rug COVERED in red ants. WHAT!?!?!! OUCH, NO! MOOOOOOMMMMMM! (Side note, this is the kind of thing that happens when you leave a full trash bag by your front door in the Carribean…) So, in an effort to still make it to yoga in time, but also deal with this red ant problem, I grabbed a bottle of bleach and began killing this LONG line of ants that was storming into my room. I won the war in a matter of seconds, and after checking my clock, I noticed I had about 10 minutes to get to Yoga; it’s a 10 minute drive away. I threw on my yoga attire, and began looking for my dad, because he’s the one that does the driving down here in the Dominican (trust me, if you are not a tad bit crazy, the driving conditions are really not suitable for you). I noticed he wasn’t around, and turns out, he was at the grocery store. Welp, looks like yoga is not happening today. 

And, it didn’t. Alright, Shelby, roll with the punches. I let this event pass by and went on with my morning routine. Things were going well, and I even had a kickass Skype session with a friend who is doing kickass things with personal development and livin’ the kickass entrepreneurial lifestyle. So despite the craziness of the morning, I felt like the day was picking up; it was time to explore the coffee shops downtown and write today’s entry.

I ended up at one of my favorite breakfast spots in Cabarete called Friends. They have great coffee and reliable Wi-Fi, so I knew I could really get my juices flowin’ and write you all a great post. I grabbed a nice spot with a view of the street, perfect for people watching. I ordered my coffee, black of course, and I opened up my iPad. I was ready to deliver the GOODS.

Guess what? The Wi-Fi didn’t work. It didn’t work for me, and ONLY me. Seriously, everyone else around me could connect but for some reason, my iPad was giving me an attitude. And I couldn’t even leave to head over to the next place, I had already ordered my coffee; I was stuck there. If you know me, I’m a “get it done” kind of girl, so when my schedule was thrown off, so was I.

Ugh, today is just NOT going my way. This sucks. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I don’t get it! Why isn’t this damn wifi working. Ugh! This is stupid, this coffee isn’t even that good, ugh I shouldn’t have bothered coming here, I should have just stayed at home to write. 

All of a sudden, I seemed to have forgotten about my awesome Skype session earlier. I seemed to have forgotten that I’m in the Dominican Republic. I seemed to have forgotten that I woke up this morning with my health and my mind still intact. And most of all, I seemed to have forgotten that I CONTROL MY ATTITUDE, and thus MY OUTCOME.

“You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can always choose how you feel about it.” What did I say before? TRUTH FREAKIN’ BOMB. Calm down, Shelby. Take a deep breath and remember your Core Desired Feelings: Freedom, Gratitude, Inspire, Love, Courage. Are you exuding those right now? The answer, is an obvious “No”. Once I “checked up from the neck up” (a.k.a. did a little assessment of my current thoughts and released those that were not serving me), I literally felt a smile spread across my face, a little weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I knew that everything is really not as bad as it seems; it usually never is.

And then, all of a sudden, an ADORABLE little toddler walked in to the restaurant (with his parents in tow) carrying a little blue guitar, and he was strumming it like he was the next Jack Johnson. He was the kind of cute that you just stop what you’re doing and stare. And without even thinking about it, I said out loud, “AWWWWWW”. And I laughed. The Universe was sending me a sign, lighten up.

I listened. I’ve learned the Universe never fails us. And if you’re new to my style of writing, learning, and leading, then you may not feel comfortable when I use “the Universe” like it’s some magical invisible force that gives us everything that we desire in life, well, I’m going to challenge you and say that it’s because you haven’t learned to listen yet. The Universe will reward you 10x when you open your heart, soul, and mind to what it’s capable of doing.

So, at the end of this whole ordeal, I learned to remind myself of my Core Desired Feelings, and to choose THOSE feelings over the anxiety of things not going exactly the way I planned.

I encourage you to commit the quote at the beginning of this post to memory, and every time you’re having one of those “WHY ME” moments, just remember, YOU control how you FEEL. YOU control the outcome.



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Find Your Tribe; Enhance Your Vibe

It’s the afternoon; you’re starting to notice your lack of focus and energy as you move throughout the day. What do you do? Go for the Joe. Traditionally, coffee is a morning drink, however, many people resort to coffee as their PG-Rated “Afternoon Delight”, am I right? I’m not feeling particularly tired at the moment, and I still feel energized from my recent win in 500 Rummy against my Mom, but I know you might be feeling the opposite. So I encourage you to get up from your chair, do a little happy dance, and head on over to your nearest coffee shop, faculty room, Keurig, or whatever other magical device you use to dispense your coffee, and gain a little more “pep in your step”. And as you regain your focus, let’s chat for a while:

Tribes; What are they?

When I first heard the term “tribes”, my immediate visual was Native American’s in headdresses, chanting a sacred mantra, most likely around a bonfire in the middle of Nevada. Excuse my lack of Political Correctness, but I think it’s a fair assumption that you probably had the same visual.

All this changed when I cracked open the book, “Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us” by Seth Godin. His definition of tribe is “any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea.” Ahh, makes more sense now! The book is only 147 pages, and it’s a quick read; so in a matter of 2 days, I finished the entire thing, and now I feel compelled to write about it for all of you.

A core human desire is belonging. We like to feel like we are part of something; whether it’s a sports team, a sorority/fraternity, a club, a team at work, or maybe, you’re just a regular at a coffee shop and everyone knows you by name. Still, there is a sense of belonging. And this is important! It creates unity among members, and friendships are typically born from tribes.

However, I want you to assess the tribe(s) that you are part of. But before you do that, I want you to assess yourself. What is it that makes you excited? What is it that fuels your passion? What makes you laugh? What are your desires in life? Woah, those are some pretty deep questions, Shelby. I don’t know if I can answer that. Well, listen, if you can’t answer all of them, that’s fine, but at least try to answer one or two of them.

Okay, do you have your answers? Now, look at the tribes you are currently part of. Do they align with your answers to the questions above? Maybe your answer is yes, and if so, you are a lucky one, because most people go throughout life missing out on finding the tribe that best suites them. So if your answer is anything but a strong “YES!”, don’t freak, you are not alone.

But here’s the deal; if you’ve read this far, it means you’re still interested in what I have to say, and I’ll give you a fair warning here, you probably aren’t going to like it, but the bottom line is, CHANGE YOUR FREAKIN’ TRIBE! This is YOUR life, and if your current tribe is not fulfilling your desires, your passions, your excitement, then you need to grow a pair and make a change.

Listen, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So if your current tribe are the people you work with, and you are constantly complaining about how negative they are, how you aren’t respected, how nobody gets you, or my personal favorite, how you are overworked and underpaid, then maybe it’s time you make a change. This change is scary, trust me, I know. But if you want to raise your vibe*, then you’ve got to change your tribeit’s as simple as that. *By vibe, I mean the quality of your life.*

But it’s not as simple as that, is it? For many of you, coming to this realization is terrifying, right? You’ve been with the same tribe for years, any change to you is simply the quarters and dimes you receive from the barista down the road. I’ve been there. I understand. And I can tell you first hand that making this leap from the tribe that is keeping you miserable, complacent, or just downright, dull, is going to be met with resistance.

Nobody in your current tribe wants to see you charge ahead. Nobody in your current tribe wants to see you do what they wish they would have done years ago. I’m not saying your current tribe will hate you for leaving, but they might. So, I’m giving you a fair warning here, you might not get invited to that Holiday Party anymore. Jeez Shelby, you’re really making this whole “switching tribes” thing sound horrible.

It’s not. It’s liberating. It’s courageous. It’s the key to your success that you’ve been searching for. You can’t raise your vibe by attending self-help seminars and reading all the personal development books you can find if you are not willing to assess your current surroundings and notice your current tribeAnd if that tribe is not making you happy, is not helping you to fulfill your passions and desires, and especially, if it’s keep you stagnant, then maaaaaaaaybe, you ought to reconsider where you are spending your time. Keyword here, YOUR time.

Have I convinced you to leave your tribe yet? Maybe you’re on the fence, but you don’t know where to find your new tribe, okay, okay, I can help you with that. First and foremost, join the app called MeetUp, I have no doubt that you will be able to find a great tribe here, but maybe you’re yearning for something bigger and better, that’s how I was. My biggest suggestion is to start looking into Network Marketing Companies, that’s what I did, and that’s what worked for me, it may or may not work for you, but give it a try anyway, at this point you really have nothing to lose.

I am a huge advocate for this industry for many reasons, but the first and foremost, is that GOOD, RESPECTABLE companies attract GOOD, RESPECTABLE people. Network Marketers are some of the most passionate and driven people I have ever met, and I am proud to be one, and I am proud to be part of the tribe I am in.

If you’ve gotten all the way down here, congratulations, I know I was a little harsh above, but it’s reality, and I want your reality to be freakin’ amazeballs. So….I have to end on this last little note here:

If you did a self-assessment, and you noticed that your tribe is no longer serving you, it is now up to YOU to make that change. YOU control the outcome of your life. YOU control the energy within your life. YOU control who’s influence you allow. If you stay miserable, that is YOUR fault, not your job’s, not your spouse’s, not your friend’s, YOURS. If you choose to find a new tribe, and raise your life to a whole new vibe, then I solute you, welcome to the best years of your life!





The Importance of Your Daily Essentials

Mmmm, Dominican coffee is the freakin’ best. It’s rich flavor is what it’s known for, the way the taste lingers in your mouth, even after you’ve taken your last sip; I’m a total sucker for it. And as you know, I like to have my cup of coffee every morning, and today is no different. It’s part of my Daily Essentials. It’s not the same coffee every morning, it honestly depends where I am at the moment, and in this particular moment, I happen to be sitting on my parent’s deck here in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean as it crashes along the beach.

Laid out in front of me is all that you see in the picture above, and by laying out each item, piece by piece, I realized, I have quite a collection of daily essentials. I have my cup of coffee (of course), my Passion Planner, my Macbook Air, my journal, my phone (which is taking the picture), and my current read: The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorteNow, you may be wondering why I keep bolding the words daily essentials, and it’s because that’s the topic of today’s Daily Cup of Inspiration!

First and foremost, what are daily essentials? In my mind, these are the items that you carry around with you on a daily basis, the items that, no matter where you are going, you have in your possession.

We all have different daily essentials, and usually what you do for a living determines your daily essentials; for example, my cousin Katie, who is a world-class photographer, would never think to leave the house without some kind of camera, and my roommates, who are amazing artists, always have some kind of sketch book on them. So it differs.

I’m not here to tell you that you need to carry around all the same things as me, but what I am here to tell you is to find what is or should be part of your daily essentials. This will help with your organization, and trust me, when you start to become more organized, you start to find more minutes in an hour and more hours in a day. If you are a person who has a million thoughts per minute and happens to write them down on whatever piece of paper you can find, I suggest finding a nice notebook or journal that you can begin carrying around with you, thus keeping all your thoughts in one place.

Maybe you are one of those people that has 3 different scheduling methods: your iCalendar, your Google calendar, and the paper calendar that hangs on your fridge. I suggest consolidating all of that in to one main planner. My recommendation? The Passion Planner! There is ample space for planning, both in a calendar form, but also in a notebook and to-do list form.

I could go on and on with examples, but the bottom line is, it’s important for you to figure out the items that you require on a daily basis to be your most efficient and productive self. Instead of waking up every morning wondering what it is you need to pack for work, school, and/or life, have faith in your daily essentials that no matter what, these items will get you through the day, even if you happen to leave your lunch at home.

And remember, less is more; you’ve heard that saying before right? I’m learning to do this now, but this brings me back to what I mentioned earlier about all the different journals. Try your best to consolidate your daily essentials into about 3-5 things, all of which can fit into your bag. This will help you immensely, because instead of spending hours searching around for where you put the address to your upcoming cocktail party, or the name and number of a potential client, you know exactly where it would be, because you’ve created a system for yourself as to which essential is for what.

With all that being said, I hope I’ve inspired you to create a system of efficiency for your life! Let me know what are some of YOUR daily essentials and how you use them best!



The Brewing Of CS&CT

This morning I was sitting in this cute little Belgium Bakery in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. I know, probably the last place you would expect to find a Belgium bakery, but nonetheless, I was there. I ordered my usual: Coffee, Black. And within 2 minutes, I was presented with the COOLEST coffee cup ever, with the most rich and tasty Dominican coffee, and a delicious froth on the top that coated my upper lip as I took my first sip. But before I took my first sip, I just had to snap a picture for my Instagram account (@Wildgust_OfWind), and as I uploaded the picture, I noticed this was the 6th Coffee-Themed photo in the last 2 weeks; it dawned on me, I am a coffee addict. Not a caffeine addict, but a coffee addict. I love the smell, the taste, the presentation, the coffee shops, and even the baristas that brew my delicious cup o’ joe. So with my newfound realization, I began thinking: What if I could share my love of all things coffee, but also include the unique feel that those organic coffee shops give off? You know, that quaint, and inspiring feel? Like you can just sit down and conquer the world, all while sipping coffee and observing the cool crowd that seek out anything BUT Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. And thus, Coffee Shops and Courage Talks was born.

So you may be thinking: Okay, I understand the Coffee Shops part, but I’m still a teensy bit lost on the Courage Talks part. Well, in order to fully explain the second half of the title, I must first introduce myself; my name is Shelby Wildgust and not only am I a newly-admitted, yet totally okay with it, Coffee Addict, but I am also a Personal Growth Junkie, or as one of my favorite authors’, Gabrielle Berstein, calls it, I am a Spirit Junkie. I crave stimulating conversations with interesting people from all over the world. I read, A LOT. I create weekly motivational videos for my friends on Facebook (Shelby Wildgust, Follow/Friend Me!), I aspire to be a Motivational Speaker, and I am currently building my Health, Wellness, and Prosperity Coaching Business. I try to learn something new every day, and I tend to live my life OUTSIDE of my Comfort Zone, which let’s be real here, is where the magic happens. There’s a lot more to me than just a paragraph, but this pretty much sums up where the “Courage Talks” part comes from.

What to expect from this blog: It’s difficult to say right now, since, at this point, this blog is just a tiny little coffee bean, waiting to be brewed. But what I foresee is a platform for creativity, inspiration, courage, and COFFEE! I will be posting my weekly motivational videos on here, interviewing some of Gen Y’s most courageous leaders, and providing daily content to help kickstart your day. If you’re like me, and you drink your coffee black, think of this blog as your added sugar. Or, you could just think of this blog as your daily cup of inspiration.

So, that’s it! I look forward to running along this journey with you by my side. Let’s see where this takes us!