The Importance of Your Daily Essentials

Mmmm, Dominican coffee is the freakin’ best. It’s rich flavor is what it’s known for, the way the taste lingers in your mouth, even after you’ve taken your last sip; I’m a total sucker for it. And as you know, I like to have my cup of coffee every morning, and today is no different. It’s part of my Daily Essentials. It’s not the same coffee every morning, it honestly depends where I am at the moment, and in this particular moment, I happen to be sitting on my parent’s deck here in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean as it crashes along the beach.

Laid out in front of me is all that you see in the picture above, and by laying out each item, piece by piece, I realized, I have quite a collection of daily essentials. I have my cup of coffee (of course), my Passion Planner, my Macbook Air, my journal, my phone (which is taking the picture), and my current read: The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorteNow, you may be wondering why I keep bolding the words daily essentials, and it’s because that’s the topic of today’s Daily Cup of Inspiration!

First and foremost, what are daily essentials? In my mind, these are the items that you carry around with you on a daily basis, the items that, no matter where you are going, you have in your possession.

We all have different daily essentials, and usually what you do for a living determines your daily essentials; for example, my cousin Katie, who is a world-class photographer, would never think to leave the house without some kind of camera, and my roommates, who are amazing artists, always have some kind of sketch book on them. So it differs.

I’m not here to tell you that you need to carry around all the same things as me, but what I am here to tell you is to find what is or should be part of your daily essentials. This will help with your organization, and trust me, when you start to become more organized, you start to find more minutes in an hour and more hours in a day. If you are a person who has a million thoughts per minute and happens to write them down on whatever piece of paper you can find, I suggest finding a nice notebook or journal that you can begin carrying around with you, thus keeping all your thoughts in one place.

Maybe you are one of those people that has 3 different scheduling methods: your iCalendar, your Google calendar, and the paper calendar that hangs on your fridge. I suggest consolidating all of that in to one main planner. My recommendation? The Passion Planner! There is ample space for planning, both in a calendar form, but also in a notebook and to-do list form.

I could go on and on with examples, but the bottom line is, it’s important for you to figure out the items that you require on a daily basis to be your most efficient and productive self. Instead of waking up every morning wondering what it is you need to pack for work, school, and/or life, have faith in your daily essentials that no matter what, these items will get you through the day, even if you happen to leave your lunch at home.

And remember, less is more; you’ve heard that saying before right? I’m learning to do this now, but this brings me back to what I mentioned earlier about all the different journals. Try your best to consolidate your daily essentials into about 3-5 things, all of which can fit into your bag. This will help you immensely, because instead of spending hours searching around for where you put the address to your upcoming cocktail party, or the name and number of a potential client, you know exactly where it would be, because you’ve created a system for yourself as to which essential is for what.

With all that being said, I hope I’ve inspired you to create a system of efficiency for your life! Let me know what are some of YOUR daily essentials and how you use them best!